TITLE:                     Truths That Wake

AUTHOR:                Charlotte Frost

POSTING DATE:     (c)July 2002

WARNINGS:            None

RATING:                  NC-17 for Jim/Blair

BETAS:                    Most heartfelt thanks to Trish, ADM, and KimberlyFDR.  I was the last 
                                person to read the final draft, so any errors are mine.

Story Background
This story begins in May 2000, a year after the events of TSbBS.  It assumes that any angst from the episode - personal, academic, or otherwise - is behind the characters.  Blair turned down the offer of a badge and now has one more semester to complete after the summer to finally get his doctorate.



This story was inspired, in part, by the following quote from Garett Maggart (TV Zone, May 1999):

        "As far as Captain Banks, he and Blair were adversaries at first.  I mean, he really didn't want Blair around.  He's been on the police force for over 20 years and has struggled to build a career for himself. All of a sudden this little long-haired punk comes along and starts putting in his two cents about how to catch the bad guys."


This story's title comes from the following verse by William Wordsworth:

"Our noisy years seem moments in the being
Of the eternal Silence; truths that wake,
To perish never."





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