Jim and Blair Stories by Southy

A total of 24 stories that were originally posted online from February 2005 thru January 2007.

Note: These stories are grouped only by length and structure. The freedom of the Southy byline was that the stories were written without the restriction of "slash or gen" designations.

All Southy stories are beta'd by Sandy.


Little Surprises (2/27/05)  -- While Blair recovers from a double-punch, he and Jim reveal little surprises to each other.

Blair's Testicles (6/18/05) -- Blair is bored at home and Jim is bored at work.

Asshole Aslow (11/17/05) -- Blair gets hostile over an anthropological list.

Nudity (12/20/05) -- It's sweltering in Cascade.

Guy Talk Series:
Words and Penises (8/09/05)

The Glory of Guys (9/10/05)

Every Man (11/05/05)

The Dreaded DRE (1/1/0/06)


The Only One in the Room (4/16/05) -- Jim is puzzled by Blair's reaction to a loss.

A Man's Man (6/04/05)-- Aftermath of an angsty situation. Takes place early in the series.

Testing the Waters (6/05/05) -- Post-"Love Kills". Blair gets in over his head after he decides to make a move on Jim.

Family Matters (6/11/05)-- Jim's father and brother decide it's time to assist their family member. Post-TSbBS.

Touch Sense (7/08/05)-- After rescuing Blair, Jim becomes aware of a new ability with his senses that leads him to ponder its benefits and the increased intimacy between he and Blair.

Snowballs (7/15/05) -- There's hell to pay for innocent fun.

Knowing Me, Knowing You (7/22/05) -- Post-Cypher where Blair contemplates his own feelings regarding love, patience, maturation, Jim's imperfections... and his own.

A Night Not Remembered (8/27/05)-- Post-Poachers that is also a sequel of sorts to "Knowing Me, Knowing You". A reminder that Poachers took place after My Brother's Keeper and before Remembrance.

Jim's Bed (9/10/05)-- Blair is surprised to wake up in Jim's bed.

Passion's Slave (9/19/05) -- Post-"Attraction" where Blair sees something that he wishes he hadn't.

Transitions (1/29/06) -- Post-TSbBS where Jim and Blair have lots of talking -- etc -- to do.

Eyes Only for Him (1/29/06)-- Blair loses something important in an attack.

Signs (4/03/06) -- Jim and a drunken Blair have a serious conversation.


The Protector (9/19/05)-- A "sentinels are known" AU novella.

Protector and Protectorate (1/28/07)-- A sequel to "The Protector".

The Writer (7/16/06) -- AU novella where bodyguard Jim Ellison is assigned to recluse and famous young writer, Blair Sandburg.

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