Jim and Blair Stories by Charlotte Frost
A total of 24 stories that were originally posted online from November 2001 thru April 2006.


Screaming 52k 30pgs 12/04/04 -- Jim and a traumatized Blair try to escape from a waking nightmare. Rated PG. (Note: This story has a slash sequel, Tremors.)

Silence and Tears 45k 23pgs 12/04/04 -- Gratuitous hurt/comfort. Rated PG.

A Bridge Too Far 23k 12pgs 12/04/04 -- Someone takes an interest in Jim and Blair's friendship. Rated PG.

Trust 48k 19pgs 12-21-03 -- Rated PG. "Hey, uh... Jim? You were a medic in the army, right?" Takes place early in the second season. Rated PG.

The Passing Shade 212k 90pgs 8-19-03 -- While Blair recovers from a car accident, he and Jim each confront events from their pasts. (Note: This story has a slash sequel, Cup Runneth Over.)

Choices 87k 33pgs 1-03-03 -- Rated R for mature themes. A short-term visitor leaves Jim and Blair with serious issues to contemplate.

Midnight Run 25k 7pgs 1-03-03 -- Missing scene vignette from "Sleeping Beauty".

Concessions 26k 7pgs 7-05-02 -- Missing scene vignette from "Sweet Science".

Drop by Drop 51k 15pgs 7-05-02 -- Post-"Dead Drop" story.


Like Their Mothers 12/4/04, 40k, 20pgs -- Jim and Blair come home to an unexpected visitor at the loft. Post-TSbBS

Destiny's Turn 12/4/04, 52k, 30pgs -- Jim and Blair's stakeout assignment becomes more dangerous than they expected. Takes place early in the series, between "The Debt" and "Cypher".


Paths That Wind 4/22/06, 108k, 58 pgs -- The fourth season never happened, and Jim and Blair's lives change in a way they never expected.

Admire and Desire 3/3/06, 95k, 49pgs -- Blair is eager to work with a respected professor. Takes place late in the second season and makes an AU turn. Rated PG.

Tremors 6/3/05, 50K, 29pgs, -- Slash sequel to the gen story "Screaming". Blair's recovery.

Distractions 12/4/04, 125k, 65pgs -- First time and then some. Blair is ready to act on his feelings; does that make Jim's senses a curse or a blessing? Takes place a few months after TSbBS.

Test of Tranquility 3/09/04, 195k, 88pgs -- Jim and Blair are on the run after Blair helps Jim recover from an ordeal. Post-TSbBS but has little to do with that ep.

Truths That Wake 7/05/02, 578k, 153pgs -- A year after TSbBS, Blair is finally closing in on finishing his doctorate and the future has never looked so uncertain -- for himself and for his friends. A story of what we think we need versus what we think we want versus what others think we need versus what we allow ourselves to have.

Heart and Home 3/09/04, 220k, 96pgs -- Sequel to "Truths That Wake". Jim and Blair's lives are going great, so why is everything so complicated?

Faith Shines Equal 11/07/02, 470k, 152pgs, AU � In the peaceful woods of Sanctuary, Major Ellison is taking R&R, with little hope of resolving his "mental" condition. He meets up with university student Blair Sandburg, who has come to Sanctuary to die of an incurable illness. Little do they know the impact their meeting will have on their destinies....

Hope Creates 10/05/03, 210k, 71pgs, AU � Sequel to "Faith Shines Equal". Jim and Blair are on another mission and must again confront the issue of slavery.

The Passing Shade 8/19/03, 195k, 90pgs -- The GEN story that is necessary to read before reading "Cup Runneth Over". While Blair recovers from a car accident, he and Jim each confront events from their pasts.

Cup Runneth Over 8/19/03, 445k, 160pgs -- Slash sequel to "The Passing Shade". Jim and Blair grow closer while confronting their individual feelings about various personal situations.

Self Discovery 101 11/28/01, 825k; 247pgs -- It is a year after "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg", and Jim and Blair learn new things about themselves and each other while investigating a murder at a racehorse retirement farm.

Where Angels Tread 1/03/03, 274k, 79pgs � Sequel to Self-Discovery 101. Jim and Blair take a vacation in the desert southwest. Also, Naomi's reaction to their relationship is quite different than either could have foreseen.

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