TITLE:                      THE PASSING SHADE   


AUTHOR:                 Charlotte Frost


POSTING DATE:      © August 2003


WARNINGS:            None


RATING:                  PG for Language and Adult Themes


BETAS:                    Most heartfelt thanks to my betas: Sandy, Trish, Kimberly FDR, Sue Roush and Sara. Also thanks to Marcy for medical assistance.  I was the last person to read the final draft, so any errors are mine.


TIMELINE:               This story takes place after "Remembrance" (though it has little to do with

                                that episode) and branches off from canon.             


NOTE:                      Though this story is intended to be complete in itself, there is a slash sequel called

                                 "Cup Runneth Over"



This story’s title comes from the following verse by Catullus:

 I come, my brother, to your piteous grave,

To bring you the last offering in death

And o'er dumb dust expend an idle breath;

For fate has torn your living self from me,

And snatched you, brother, O, how cruelly!

Yet take these gifts, brought as our fathers bade,

For sorrow's tribute to the passing shade;

A brother's tears have wet them o'er and o'er

And so, my brother, hail, and farewell evermore!




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