A total of 44 Kirk/Spock stories.

All stories were originally published in fanzines from 1986 thru 1993.

In March 2010, these stories started to be posted at The Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive. The posting is being done by volunteers.

Reflections on My K/S Stories

1986The Ultimate FriendDaring Attempt 5
1986Those MoodsOne Night Stand 4/5
1986Lonely DreamerDaring Attempt 5
1986 Of Peacefulness,Happiness, and ForgivenessNaked Times 11
1986The TakingFirst Time 7
1986 GentlenessNaked Times 9
1987Lessons and LoversDaring Attempt 7
1987 Private MomentsFirst Time 9
1987Endings and BeginningsNaked Times 13
1987Lessons and LoversDaring Attempt 7
1987 ConvalescingAs I Do Thee 8
1987As It Should BeDaring Attempt 8
1987In CelebrationFirst Time 11
1987The WakingDaring Attempt 9
1987The Happy PillDaring Attempt 7
1987In His ImageAs I Do Thee 9
1987The HealingFirst Time 14
1987The Gift of DreamsNaked Times 17
1987CrossroadsKontinuing Saga
1988Coming OutCharisma 2
1988 ContemplationsNaked Times 18
1988A Number of ReasonsOff Duty 1
1988WaitingAs I Do Thee 11
1988No Better MirrorFirst Time 20
1988Things Worth CelebratingFirst Time 20
1988In the Name of LoveFirst Time 19
1988WingsCharisma 3
1988A Change of SeasonNaked Times 21
1988Room 1422Within the Mirror 1
1988The Faces of LoveKSX II
1989SwanFirst Time 21
1989Tainted WaterFirst Time 21
1989PerspectivesCounterpoint 1
1989 The Blending of TwoMatter/Antimatter 7
1989The TamingWay of the Warrior 2
1989The CureRejection Slip
1989three poemsCounterpoint 2
1990 PortraitsPortraits
1990A Wing and a PrayerFirst Time 27
1990OutcastCounterpoint 3
1991When Tomorrow ComesFirst Time 28
1991Escape ArtistCounterpoint 5
1991WebThe 25th Year
1992Playing with FireWithin the Mirror 6
1992BlanketAmazing Grace 2
1993FireWay of the Warrior 6