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Good Medicine 03/12/16 18k 3,134 It's two months after "Shootout".
Sweet Seduction 01/10/15 132k 20,801 Hutch has an enemy, and Starsky has a crush.
Light of Darkness 12/21/14 22k 3,085 Post-"The Fix" short story.
The Claiming   04/22/14 51k 6,614 A sequel to "Testament", where Starsky wants to make Hutch's dreams come true.
Distant Winds  03/18/14 99k 15,145 Artie Solkin from "Vendetta" has been murdered.  A memory and a mention-in-passing sparks a desire.
Bugs  12/27/13 66k 10,180 Hutch rescues Starsky and has to deal with the aftermath.
Enshroud 08/04/13 205k 32,512 Starsky is recovering from yet another loss, and Hutch suffers unexpected consequences when meeting up with a very changed Nancy Blake from "Terror on the Docks".
Surrogate 03/24/13 175k 22,525 Post-"Starsky vs. Hutch" where Starsky begins to question what he really wants, against the backdrop of a murdered cop, an explicit diary, and an agitated partner who is the focus of unwanted attention.
Protect 01/21/13 91k 12,476 Starsky and Hutch take a detour that turns out to be a trap.
Testament 09/27/12 100k 14,296 Starsky helps Hutch recover from a beating, and needs to deal with why it happened.
Stability 07/29/12 33k 4,198 Post-"Bloodbath" where Starsky isn't the only one needing comfort.
Avenged 07/29/12 81k 4,198 Post-"The Avenger" where S&H dig a little deeper into Monique and Bobbi.
Forget 07/29/12 37k 5,045 Post-"Gillian" where S&H watch an episode of Star Trek together.
Mountain 06/22/12 43k 6,585 Hutch makes a frantic escape from a madman.
A Secret 03/12/12 52k 7,982 After Starsky is rescued from an abduction, he has something to tell Hutch.
Fallout 01/30/12 77k 9,666 An alternate and post-"Ninety Pounds of Trouble" without the ninety pounds of trouble.
Embracing Faith 12/16/11 43k 6,354 Post-"Starsky Vs. Hutch"
After the Plague 12/16/11 25k 3,566 Post-"The Plague", but before the tag.
Entitlement 10/26/11 190k 30,034 The relationship between S&H intensifies against the backdrop of a bizarre case where Hutch is a victim.
Somebody to Love 08/23/11 210k 35,106 A simple little h/c and first time novella.
The Ride 08/23/11 36k 5,168 An injured Starsky has a long ride home.
Water Tower 06/22/11 98k 16,045 Hutch's silly little dream has a profound impact.
Pact 06/09/11 50k 9,105 Post-"The Fix" that takes place in the 4th season.
The Other Brother 06/09/11 40k 7,789 Post-"Starsky's Brother"
Just Enough 01/01/05 162k 25,725 Post-"Strange Justice"
Zebras 08/10/03 15k 2,204 Post-"Shootout" vignette where Starsky is intrigued by something he saw on a nature program.


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