Starsky and Hutch

Index of Hurts and Comforts

Note:  This table is not necessarily comprehensive, but more from immediate memory upon reviewing the story titles.    The angst categories, in particular, are probably not applied consistently.

Beaten Up A Time for Change Being Thought Gay Surrogate Beaten Up/Broken Bones A Secret Bloodbath Stability
Beaten Up Enshroud Childhood Sexual Threat Distant Winds Beaten Up The Ride Girlfriend Pregnant Just Enough
Beaten Up Phantoms Friends/Mentors Private Agendas Broken Arm A Family Affair Mother's Death Water Tower
Beaten Up Testament Heroin Aftermath All Our Relations Broken Arm Aftermath Realignment Possibly Losing Hutch Chaos
Beaten Up The Horsemaster Heroin Aftermath Pact Drugged Avenged Possibly Losing Hutch Sanctuary
Concussion Autumn Leaves Heroin Aftermath Light of Darkness Drugged Bugs Possibly Losing Hutch Walls of Glass
Drowned (almost) Jenni Life in General Just Enough Groin Pull Whirlwind Relationship with Nick Realignment
Exhaustion Fallout Life in General Somebody to Love Gunshot Embracing Faith    
Exhaustion Mountain Parents Just Love Gunshot Romeo and Juliet    
Exhaustion The Heart Knows Parents The Horsemaster Operation Lying in Wait    
Exposure Compassion's Heart Parents Waterfall Severe Illness Adventure    
Exposure The Heart Knows Parents Light of Darkness Severe Abrasions/Big Splinter Somebody to Love    
Gunshot Autumn Leaves Sexual Assault Threat Compassion's Heart Sexual Assault with Objects Sink or Swim    
Gunshot Avenged Sexual Assault Threat Protect Stabbed Embracing Faith    
Gunshot Hero Thought Starsky Dead Sanctuary Stabbed Private Agendas    
Gunshot Ma's House     Starved Sanctuary    
Gunshot Phantoms            
Gunshot Protect            
Gunshot Realignment            
Jock Itch Water Tower            
Sensory Deprivation Entitlement            
Severe Sunburn The Heart Knows            
Sick - Botulism Spoils of War            
Sick - Plague After the Plague            
Sick - Plague Reflections of a Microbiologist
Sick - Plague The Sandman            
Stabbed What Yes Means            
Stabbed Sweet Seduction            
Tangled in Barbed Wire Phantoms            
Whipped Compassion's Heart            



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