Charlotte Frost

Starsky and Hutch

Original Fanzine Stories

Reflections on My Older Starsky and Hutch Stories


In Chronological Order

1991 Playfellows 1 A Time for Change 75k Hutch is the victim of revenge on Starsky.
1993 Playfellows 6 Waterfall 246k S&H learn more about each other when they go undercover as a gay couple.
1994 Heat and Soul 1 Sacred Place 20k Starsky tells of how he loses someone close to him.
1994 Heat and Soul 1 Hero50k Post-"Black and Blue" where Starsky gives Hutch his due.
1994 Heat and Soul 1 Walls of Glass 61k Starsky is strongly affected after he and Hutch see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
1994 Heat and Soul 1 Lying in Wait 112k Hutch tells about Starsky having an operation.
1994 Heat and Soul 1 Just Love 162k Starsky tells about meeting the dysfunctional Hutchinson family.
1994 Private Agendas Private Agendas 488k Post-"Birds of a Feather" where S&H get involved in the case of a serial killer.
1995 Heart and Soul 2 Reflections of a Microbiologist 16kDr. Judith Kaufman describes the aftermath of the plague.
1995 Heart and Soul 2 Keep it Precious 50k After a close call, S&H question their future.
1995 Heart and Soul 2 Compassion's Heart 249k When Starsky takes a trip back to New York, Hutch is left alone on a gruesome case.
1995 Heart and Soul 2 Packages 22k Post-"Hutchinson for Murder One" where Hutch reflects upon his marriage.
1995 Heart and Soul 2 The General 98k A "slice of life" story where a new member is added to the S&H household.
1996 Heart and Soul 3 Spoils of War 75k Post-"The Game" where Starsky is determined to answer the question "why" while Hutch is recovering.
1996 Heart and Soul 3 Promises Kept 26k Post-"Starsky's Lady" where Hutch reflects upon the tragedy.
1996 Heart and Soul 3 Greek95k Post-"Starsky vs Hutch" where Starsky reflects upon new information about Hutch.
1996 Heart and Soul 3 Jenni215k S&H expand their relationship while involved in a case involving a rock star.
1996 Heart and Soul 3 Romeo and Juliet 38k When Starsky believes he's mortally wounded, he makes an analogy about their relationship
1997 Heart and Soul 4 Butch and Sundance 36k Starsky reads up on the true lives and deaths of the famous outlaws.
1997 Heart and Soul 4 The Heart Knows 205k Starsky has trouble finding a balance between his partner and his girlfriend.
1997 Heart and Soul 4 Sink or Swim 183k Hutch helps Starsky recover from a brutal assault.
1997 Heart and Soul 4 Girlfriend 99k Sequel to "The General" where Starsky has two problems to solve.
1997 Phantoms Phantoms 424k Post-"Ballad for a Blue Lady" where S&H are undercover on an unrelated case.
1999 Heart and Soul 5 Ma's House 23k Post-"Black and Blue" where S&H relax in New York.
1999 Heart and Soul 5 Sanctuary 367k After S&H recover from believing each other dead, they embark on an unconventional route to healing.
1999 Heart and Soul 5 Warrior of the Past 27k Hutch's letter to Internal Affairs, explaining about an embarrassing situation.
1999 Heart and Soul 5 Sin and Prejudice 145k Sequel to "Girlfriend" where the parents of Starsky's Little League players become suspicious of his intentions.
1999 Heart and Soul 6 Sexperts 109k While on stakeout, Starsky tests Hutch's sexual knowledge against the Q&A column of a porn magazine.
1999 Heart and Soul 6 A Question of Merit 74k Sequel to "Sin and Prejudice".  When the PD sponsors a story contest, Starsky is an an eager participant and Hutch a reluctant judge.
1999 Heart and Soul 6 Adventure 330k A year after "Sweet Revenge" and Starsky is recovering from a nearly fatal illness.  When he and Hutch travel to the east coast to relax and contemplate their future, the depth of their love and beliefs are challenged when something happens on a lonely Virginia road.
2002 Venice Place Chronicles II A Nod to Regret 6kHutch ponders a night of sexual exploitation.
2002 Venice Place Chronicles III Springtime 15kS&H share reflections while waiting for a witness.
2002 Venice Place Chronicles III What Yes Means 21kPost-"Fatal Charm" where Starsky does some soul searching.
2003 Timeless The Horsemaster 241kAn AU set in 1858 Victorian England.


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