Charlotte Frost

Starsky and Hutch

The "Adventure" Series

This is a post-series set of stories where Starsky and Hutch are unofficially married,

live in a house together, and have their own detective agency.


Background on This Series (includes spoilers)


Real Life Racing Background Related to This Series (includes some spoilers)

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Agitation  10/26/17 178k 29,174 Peace and happiness is hard to come by, especially for a mother with a missing 19yo daughter.  May-June 1987
Fishing   06/29/17 104k 18,601 Moving into their new building brings an involved case.  Feb-Mar 1987
Adoration  10/19/16 103k 16,620 Events in December.  Dec 1986
Milestones 06/22/16 82k 14,571 While Hutch recovers from surgery, there are some new realizations.  Aug-Nov 1986
Landslide 04/13/16 205k 31,084 An involved case dominates the events of spring.  Apr-Jul 1986
The Chapter 03/12/16 41k 7,137 Daniel Widenstein's book is published.  Feb 1986
Root Canal    08/21/15 77k 12,008 A common event is disruptive to the relationship. Dec 1985
Love Is  08/02/15 122k 16,002 The things we do for love.  Sept-Oct 1985
Malfunction 04/14/15 113k 18,155 The office copy machine isn't working -- and neither is much else.  June-Aug 1985
Whirlwind  01/10/15 98k 15,389 Peaks and valleys in the first few months of 1985.  Feb-Mar 1985
December's Folly 12/21/14 57k 8,975 Starsky wants something.  Dec 1984
Rites of Passage 12/21/14 125k 19,900 A missing person's case sends the guys out of town.  Oct 1984
Away  09/11/14 109k 15,540 A death means that Starsky has to leave for Florida.  August 1984
Jigsaw  04/22/14 172k 27,484 Hutch's mother visits, progress on the book, a case concerning homosexuality, and a minor medical situation.  March 1984
Cycles  10/16/13  215k 31,111 A missing persons case, their siblings, the book, new and old realizations of what they need and want.  Feb-Mar 1984
Autumn Leaves  06/15/13 110k 17,004 A season of miscalculations -- some more dangerous than others.  Oct-Nov 1983
Summer Love 06/15/13 198k 27,504 Happiness is easy -- for some people.  Jul-Aug 1983
Chaos  11/09/12 242k 33,574 Life is changing.  Apr-May 1983
Vacation 11/09/12 106k 14,731 While relaxing on a road trip, S&H come to a new decision.  Sept 1982
Realignment 06/22/12 389k 55,349 Starsky and Hutch become reacquainted with danger, and family relationships become more involved -- for better or worse.  Jul-Sept 1982
A Family Affair 04/29/12 233k 33,468 The start of Darla's career and a visit to Minnesota.  Jun-Jul 1982 
Collage 03/12/12 276k 36,897 A major case becomes personal, Starsky has a new hobby, and S&H have a short-term house guest.  Mar-Jun 1982
Starlight 03/12/12 126k 18,508 No matter what else is going on around them, S&H always find strength in each other. Mar 1982
Virgin 01/30/12 40k 5,011 Hutch does something simple that brings about enthusiastic results.  Feb 1982
The Female Factor 12/16/11 284k 37,540 S&H deal with a major case, a minor case, a house guest, and a changing society.  Nov-Dec 1981
All Our Relations 10/16/11 195k 30,754 S&H pursue peace from within a whirlpool of complex relationships.  Oct 1981
The Sandman 08/01/11 220k 41,187 S&H get involved in a major case involving show jumping horses.  Apr-Jun 1981
Adventure 07/01/99 330k 57,398 A year after "Sweet Revenge" and Starsky is recovering from a nearly fatal illness.  When he and Hutch travel to the east coast to relax and contemplate their future, the depth of their love and beliefs are challenged when something happens on a lonely Virginia road.(Originally published in HEART AND SOUL 6.)  Jun 1980-Jan 1981


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